Bunch of Fives

Game 5 - The One With The Paint

The party is contracted on a new job: an “artist” referred to as “Mouthpiece” is creating works in the poor quarter of Qares. Anyone who regards the artwork for too long succumbs to inexplicable madness. The city guard lacks the resources and/or the conviction to do anything about it, so the party is dispatched instead.

The group discovers a mural surrounded by crazed townsfolk who soon assault the party. Most of the party opts to knock the townsfolk unconscious, but Adda causes quite a stir within the group by burning people to death with fire and acid.

Once the crowd is subdued, the party examines the mural. The paint has a wet, chunky consistency, and induces hallucinations of whispering voices and gibbering mouths that grow worse by the minute.

While Adda burns the mural off the wall with acid, the party awakens one of the unconscious townsfolk and questions her, learning that the people were brought to the mural through the city’s sewer system. The group retires to a nearby tavern to gather information and take a rest.

Carina discovers Gorin worships Kol Korran, the evil god of trade. This does not sit well with her, and will totally not develop into a major thing later.

The party descends into the sewers, doing battle with more paint-crazed townspeople. They arrive at a chamber that contains something so horrific that the sight of it causes several members of the group to flee in fear and/or have unfortunate encounters with “sewage.” After marshaling their courage, the party does battle with a pair of enthralled spellcasters and a gibbering mouther—the source of the paint.

Victorious, the party makes to leave the sewers—but are accosted by a legion of rat-beasts. Three of the wererats thank the party for their service but warn them to stay aboveground in the future.

The group returns to Turnkey to report their success, but they don’t notice the long-haired woman in a veil standing by the remains of the mural, watching them go…


@Art is pain.
@Don’t poke the mob.
@Don’t acid splash the mob.
@Mob’s dead.
@Rogues and bladder issues.
@Eyes only for you.
@Cats! I mean rats the musical!
@Women are evil.

Game 5 - The One With The Paint

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