Bunch of Fives

Game 4 - The One With The Party

After their teambuilding adventure, the party takes time to complete their personal errands. Korlen and Gorin are ejected from two merchants’ establishments as they try to hawk off the gold ore they recovered from the mine; Adda and Zuktarr are ejected from the library when they try to infiltrate the quarantined section; Zuktarr and Carina are ejected from the Dancing Rain when Carina attempts to start a fight outside designated fighting hours.

The party is contracted to provide security for a ritzy elven ball. They’ll be working in tandem with another of Turnkey’s teams, led by an unusually learned half-orc named Vola.

Initially, the party is assigned to guarding the mansion’s relatively empty second floor. They’re set to trade floors with the other team every couple of hours. Naturally, Adda promptly starts looking in places she shouldn’t, and discovers a trapdoor that leads down to a dungeon in the mansion’s basement.

Korlen and Carina sense that evil may be afoot and agree to smuggle out the prisoners locked in the dungeon. They procure disguises from a side room on the first floor and descend into the dungeon. Only one prisoner is left alive: a mutilated, one-armed tiefling named Sari. However, as Carina and Korlen prepare to evacuate her from the dungeon, mansion staff show up—soon followed by a number of guards. Carina and Korlen rally the rest of the party and together the group is able to subdue the guards without unnecessary disruption to the party going on above.

Korlen smuggles Sorry out of the mansion by dressing her up and walking her out the front door. The party takes their places again and, by some miracle, their shenanigans in the dungeon go undiscovered.

As the group leaves the mansion, relieved to have not been caught, they’re watched from the solarium by a woman with long blond hair and a veil…


@Boring Elf parties are torture.
@Oh shit, torture porn.
@Be cool. Just be cool.

Game 4 - The One With The Party

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