Bunch of Fives

Game 3 - The One With The Teambuilding

The party leaves the mines, stopping by Apocraphyl on their way back to Qares. Once they return to the Turnkey offices, Brasscollier gives each employee a talking-to in regards to their less-than-suitable behaviour on the job.

With Korlen temporarily out of the picture (and certainly not bundling the drow child off to an orphanage), the group is sent on a chain of perplexing errands.

First, they’re sent to the Dancing Rain, an underground fight ring, to make a delivery to a halfling named Saska. (Carina and Zuktarr’s personal grudges lead them to taking on—and soundly defeating—a pair of the Dancing Rain’s regular fighters.)

Saska sends them to see Caitlyn Waterscribe, a half-elf residing in the rich quarter of the city. The party stumbles upon her by chance, and Gorin uses his charms to get through to her. In the process, the group discovers they have been poisoned by Brasscollier, leaving them unable to stray from each other’s side under pain of extreme nausea.

They are given a key and dispatched to Qares’s library. After braving the dangers of the quarantined section of the Arcana wing, which includes but is not limited to the whims of pixies and the annoyances of the polymorph spell, the party (led, surprisingly, by Adda) unlocks a sealed guestbook which they are to sign. They realize that the entire assignment was little more than an overly complex team-building exercise.


@Stealing my drow loot!
@Dragons make good fighters.
@Who needs consent when you’ve got booze.
@Fuck team exercises.
@Naked pallies.
@Fuck team exercises.


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