Bunch of Fives

Game 6 - The One With The Recurring Character

Gorin is attacked in the street by followers of a rival god. He is assisted in the fight by a woman calling herself Layla, who tells him little more than her name.

The party’s next assignment involves a half-shaven, tattooed half-elf whom they have encountered several times in their adventures. His name is Feoras, and he seeks escorts to help him return his dead sister’s violin to the music conservatory of Plainsong in the town of Springfall.

The group leaves Qares, travelling northwest toward Springfall. They are attacked by several flavours of monsters, including humanoid insects and sentient scarecrows. Feoras demonstrates that he’s just as capable a combatant as any in the group.


@Don’t kill him! That’s my kill!
@Women are evil.
@Flexible Elves.
@Jealous rogues.
@Bandwagon adventures.
@Don’t touch the farmers daughter!


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