Bunch of Fives

Game 6 - The One With The Recurring Character

Gorin is attacked in the street by followers of a rival god. He is assisted in the fight by a woman calling herself Layla, who tells him little more than her name.

The party’s next assignment involves a half-shaven, tattooed half-elf whom they have encountered several times in their adventures. His name is Feoras, and he seeks escorts to help him return his dead sister’s violin to the music conservatory of Plainsong in the town of Springfall.

The group leaves Qares, travelling northwest toward Springfall. They are attacked by several flavours of monsters, including humanoid insects and sentient scarecrows. Feoras demonstrates that he’s just as capable a combatant as any in the group.

Game 5 - The One With The Paint

The party is contracted on a new job: an “artist” referred to as “Mouthpiece” is creating works in the poor quarter of Qares. Anyone who regards the artwork for too long succumbs to inexplicable madness. The city guard lacks the resources and/or the conviction to do anything about it, so the party is dispatched instead.

The group discovers a mural surrounded by crazed townsfolk who soon assault the party. Most of the party opts to knock the townsfolk unconscious, but Adda causes quite a stir within the group by burning people to death with fire and acid.

Once the crowd is subdued, the party examines the mural. The paint has a wet, chunky consistency, and induces hallucinations of whispering voices and gibbering mouths that grow worse by the minute.

While Adda burns the mural off the wall with acid, the party awakens one of the unconscious townsfolk and questions her, learning that the people were brought to the mural through the city’s sewer system. The group retires to a nearby tavern to gather information and take a rest.

Carina discovers Gorin worships Kol Korran, the evil god of trade. This does not sit well with her, and will totally not develop into a major thing later.

The party descends into the sewers, doing battle with more paint-crazed townspeople. They arrive at a chamber that contains something so horrific that the sight of it causes several members of the group to flee in fear and/or have unfortunate encounters with “sewage.” After marshaling their courage, the party does battle with a pair of enthralled spellcasters and a gibbering mouther—the source of the paint.

Victorious, the party makes to leave the sewers—but are accosted by a legion of rat-beasts. Three of the wererats thank the party for their service but warn them to stay aboveground in the future.

The group returns to Turnkey to report their success, but they don’t notice the long-haired woman in a veil standing by the remains of the mural, watching them go…

Game 4 - The One With The Party

After their teambuilding adventure, the party takes time to complete their personal errands. Korlen and Gorin are ejected from two merchants’ establishments as they try to hawk off the gold ore they recovered from the mine; Adda and Zuktarr are ejected from the library when they try to infiltrate the quarantined section; Zuktarr and Carina are ejected from the Dancing Rain when Carina attempts to start a fight outside designated fighting hours.

The party is contracted to provide security for a ritzy elven ball. They’ll be working in tandem with another of Turnkey’s teams, led by an unusually learned half-orc named Vola.

Initially, the party is assigned to guarding the mansion’s relatively empty second floor. They’re set to trade floors with the other team every couple of hours. Naturally, Adda promptly starts looking in places she shouldn’t, and discovers a trapdoor that leads down to a dungeon in the mansion’s basement.

Korlen and Carina sense that evil may be afoot and agree to smuggle out the prisoners locked in the dungeon. They procure disguises from a side room on the first floor and descend into the dungeon. Only one prisoner is left alive: a mutilated, one-armed tiefling named Sari. However, as Carina and Korlen prepare to evacuate her from the dungeon, mansion staff show up—soon followed by a number of guards. Carina and Korlen rally the rest of the party and together the group is able to subdue the guards without unnecessary disruption to the party going on above.

Korlen smuggles Sorry out of the mansion by dressing her up and walking her out the front door. The party takes their places again and, by some miracle, their shenanigans in the dungeon go undiscovered.

As the group leaves the mansion, relieved to have not been caught, they’re watched from the solarium by a woman with long blond hair and a veil…

Game 3 - The One With The Teambuilding

The party leaves the mines, stopping by Apocraphyl on their way back to Qares. Once they return to the Turnkey offices, Brasscollier gives each employee a talking-to in regards to their less-than-suitable behaviour on the job.

With Korlen temporarily out of the picture (and certainly not bundling the drow child off to an orphanage), the group is sent on a chain of perplexing errands.

First, they’re sent to the Dancing Rain, an underground fight ring, to make a delivery to a halfling named Saska. (Carina and Zuktarr’s personal grudges lead them to taking on—and soundly defeating—a pair of the Dancing Rain’s regular fighters.)

Saska sends them to see Caitlyn Waterscribe, a half-elf residing in the rich quarter of the city. The party stumbles upon her by chance, and Gorin uses his charms to get through to her. In the process, the group discovers they have been poisoned by Brasscollier, leaving them unable to stray from each other’s side under pain of extreme nausea.

They are given a key and dispatched to Qares’s library. After braving the dangers of the quarantined section of the Arcana wing, which includes but is not limited to the whims of pixies and the annoyances of the polymorph spell, the party (led, surprisingly, by Adda) unlocks a sealed guestbook which they are to sign. They realize that the entire assignment was little more than an overly complex team-building exercise.

Game 2- The One With The Mine

The party departs Apocraphyl, now in a much worse state than when they found it, and arrives at the mine they’ve been assigned to protect. They’re enlisted by Manheim and Quince, an alchemist, to help blast open a new passage.

Inside the mountain, the group discovers architecture that certainly isn’t Dwarven. Further on, they find a pair of drow buried under rubble brought down by the explosion; the adult is dead, but the child is still alive. After much internal conflict, the party sends the child back to the miners’ camp to deal with later.

There’s more intra-party strife and a very inaccurate slap, but the group is able to set aside their differences long enough to stumble upon a dragon’s nest. The party puts down the young but dangerous beast and its entourage of kobold hangers-on, discovering a vein of gold ore in the process.

Game 1 - The One With The Demons

The party receives their first assignment from Turnkey. Their boss, Brasscollier, sends them to a mine outside of the town of Apocraphyl. Brasscollier also equips the party with three mascots javelin haulers extremely helpful kobold wagoneers: Brass, Bronze, and Gold.

On the road outside of Turnkey’s home city of Qares, the party is waylaid by miscellanous vermin. They’re aided by Manheim (and his pet wolf), who turns out to be the party’s contact for this assignment. The group arrives in Apocraphyl, where the Festival of Dol Arrah is underway. The group explores the town and finally settles down in their rooms at a local inn to prepare for the next day’s journey onward.

They wake in the morning to discover the town ransacked by monsters. Only the superstitious application of pig’s blood around the inn’s doors and windows spared the party from a similar fate. The group discovers a fiendish creature in the town square as it drains the life from a victim, but the monster disappears before the party can do anything about it. They destroy an ettercap wandering the streets and save the remaining townsfolk, who have barricaded themselves in the basement of the church of Dol Arrah.

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