Bunch of Fives

Game 2- The One With The Mine

The party departs Apocraphyl, now in a much worse state than when they found it, and arrives at the mine they’ve been assigned to protect. They’re enlisted by Manheim and Quince, an alchemist, to help blast open a new passage.

Inside the mountain, the group discovers architecture that certainly isn’t Dwarven. Further on, they find a pair of drow buried under rubble brought down by the explosion; the adult is dead, but the child is still alive. After much internal conflict, the party sends the child back to the miners’ camp to deal with later.

There’s more intra-party strife and a very inaccurate slap, but the group is able to set aside their differences long enough to stumble upon a dragon’s nest. The party puts down the young but dangerous beast and its entourage of kobold hangers-on, discovering a vein of gold ore in the process.


@Fuck Drow
@Come at me bro!
@Fuck adds, focus the boss!

Game 2- The One With The Mine

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